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XperGuide ablation

Treatment planning and live needle guidance tool

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Performing successful tumor ablations, without compromising adjacent tissue, requires a clear understanding of the tumor size, the specific needle's ablation area, and the optimal path to the target.

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Advantages for tumor ablations


  • Facilitate successful tumor coverage through accurate ablation needle planning on CT, MR or XperCT.
  • Customizable isotherm visualizations for radiofrequency, microwave and cryo-ablation procedures.
  • Interactive ablation planning update during the procedure to obtain better tumor coverage.

Different Parameters

Several different parameters can be entered. Numeric values represent measurements in millimeters:


  • Width: the width of the ablation area
  • Length: the length of the ablation area
  • Front: the distance from the tip of the needle to the front of the ablation area


For each of these dimensions, the user can specify the Inner, Middle and Outer profiles of Pre-treatment XperCT with the ablation area to precisely display different isotherms and assist optimal planning.

XperGuide ablation workflow

Step 1: Detect and localize

Visualize tumors and nearby structures on a 3D image.

Step 2: Plan treatment

Determine the optimal path and the optimal ablation needle position to treat the tumor, while limiting damage to adjacent tissues.

Step 3: Navigate

Navigate the needles following the previously planned path under fluoroscopy guidance. 

Step 4: Control

Control full tumor coverage by fusing the pre-procedural planning on a control XperCT scan showing the actual needle location.

Step 5: Follow-up

Monitor the outcome of the ablation cycles by visualizing the ice-ball formation in case of cryoablation.
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