Allura Centron Interventional X-ray system

Allura Centron

Interventional X-ray system

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Looking for more flexibility? Our Allura Centron is a robust interventional X-ray lab made to handle a variety of procedures at an excellent pace. Designed for cardiac and EP, ready for the demands of neuro and vascular procedures.

Proven performance for a variety of ... || kba 1

Proven performance for a variety of procedures

To help your facility meet the rising demand for cardiovascular treatment within limited hospital resources, Allura Centron is designed to provide reliable, multi-purpose performance. It is part of the Allura series of interventional X-ray labs. They are designed for highly reliable, robust performance, reusing the premium MRC gridswitch X-ray tube and 100 KW Velara generator and flexible geometry. This system enables you to treat a broad mix of patients with more confidence.
Increase confidence with remarkable ... || kba 2

Increase confidence with remarkable stent views

StentBoost is a simple, quick, and cost-effective tool to enhance stent visualization in the coronary arteries. Increase your confidence during pre and post stent deployment with our unique StentBoost subtraction feature. It shows the enhanced stent in relation to the vessel wall as you are working.
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Easy and efficient

Allura Centron is designed for ease and efficiency, based on the proven Philips Allura Xper user interface, tableside controls and touch screen module. The high capacity table can easily accommodate higher patient loads. The highly stable, floor-mounted stand offers the versatility of three-sided positioning and the table pivot option allows radial approaches.
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Unique protection system

Patient and operator protection are designed into the system. Philips’ exclusive BodyGuard non-contact patient protection mechanism uses capacitive sensing. This determines the location of the patient, in relation to the C-arm, thereby preventing collision. The device adjusts automatically to the size of patient, avoiding contact and providing a degree of protection, comfort and speed that you simply won’t find in comparable X-ray systems.
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Cover the anatomical areas you need

With the next generation 15” detector you can benefit from excellent image quality. It gives you access to a wider anatomical coverage to support a variety of procedures. Philips superb image processing chain allows you to see small vessel details with exceptional clarity. Select your field of view for the insight you need to diagnose and treat patients with precision and confidence.
More information in less time with le... || kba 2

More information in less time with less X-ray dose

Philips XperSwing acquires RAO/LAO cranial/caudal views in just one acquisition run by moving the C-arm in a dual axis trajectory instead of multiple acquisitions. This facilitates reduction of contrast medium and radiation exposure, while providing a complete visualization of complex coronary vasculature. Additional views are also captured, providing a more comprehensive appraisal of the coronary tree.
DoseWise to manage dose efficiently || kba 3

DoseWise to manage dose efficiently

Our long standing commitment to reducing dose is founded in DoseWise. A set of techniques, programs and practices that focus on providing optimized IQ, while providing radiation protection for the patients and staff in the X-ray environments. SpectraBeam technology generates images using low radiation dose by filtering out soft radiation. Pulsed fluoroscopy enables very low pulse frequencies, further reducing the X-ray dose.
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Count on us as your patients count on you

Staying on top of today’s complex and ever changing healthcare environment is challenging enough. The last thing you need to be concerned with is keeping your care systems up and running smoothly. At Philips, we work as one with your teams. We share their dedication to solve issues before they start, and their drive to keep going day and night until the job is done. With us taking care of your systems you can focus on what really matters – delivering better care, to more people, at lower cost. Together, we can create a healthier future.
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