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Designed for babies with special feeding needs, our Specialty Feeding products help to appropriately feed cleft palate infants and infants with poor sucking strength.

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Cleft Palate Nipples || Designed around patients' need

Cleft Palate Nipples for more comfortable feeding

The Y-cut bottle nipples have a thick and a thin side with a one-way valve. This helps avoid excessive air intake and allows milk to flow only when sucked by the baby, for more comfortable feeding. Cleft Palate Nipples come in Regular and Small sizes and can be autoclaved.
Pigeon Baby Bottle || Designed around patients' need

Pigeon Baby Bottle fits the Cleft Palate Nipples

The baby bottles are specifically shaped to fit the air vents and one-way valve of the Pigeon Cleft Palate Nipples
Pigeon Food Feeder Bottle || Designed around patients' need

Pigeon Food Feeder Bottle assists with weaning

This 120 ml squeezable bottle has an attached spoon to assist with weaning or to use with problem feeders.
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