See what users say about the first generation, goLITE BLU

This product delivers exactly what it promises. My energy levels have improved in the winter months since using this product. I am always recommending it to my friends! Thank you Philips.”



Excellent. I can't wait to use my Philips goLITE BLU* energy light again, now that it is getting darker again. It clearly had a very positive impact last winter and it is easy to use; looks great as well.”

This is a fantastic little product. Well made, compact, easy to use, battery life is very good and the therapy works.”

This product has changed my life! Since owning this product I feel more cheerful, wake up easily and sleep better. Well done Philips!”



Surprised by the results. I was slightly skeptical about whether this product would work to perk me up during the winter months, but I have to admit that it seems to work for me. I have also been using the unit to help me get over jet-lag outside of the winter months and I can confirm that I believe I have had success with this aspect too.”

See what users say about the first generation EnergyLight

Last winter I bought this lamp and really enjoyed it with the whole family. This winter I will definitely put it back on the table."



In the winter, I easily get a little depressed. After using the daylight lamp I really felt a lot better."



I have used this lamp for a few days already and I can say that it is very, very good. Like a beautiful summer day."



30 minutes per day of daylight from this energy light helped me through the dark season of the year. It improved my sleep and overall wellbeing. To be recommended anytime."