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    What causes bad breath?

    Bad breath is one of those problems that everyone gets occasionally. It’s technically termed halitosis, and can result from poor dental hygiene practices, lifestyle choices, or the food you eat. A common misconception is that bad breath comes from the stomach, but approximately 90% of bad breath actually comes from the mouth. It’s not considered a medically serious problem on its own, but can be embarrassing, and a sign of more serious underlying problems. Here’s how to prevent and treat it (hint, you need more than a mint).

    75% of adults are concerned about bad breath


    You get out what you put in

    Bad breath is often caused by bacteria living in your mouth. The bacteria feed off of carbohydrates in your diet, and as they flourish they produce odorous gases – this is what you are smelling when you smell bad breath. A dry mouth is another bad breath culprit. Alcohol, coffee, and prescription medication can dehydrate your mouth, giving bacteria a nice environment to grow in. Another cause is smoking, which leaves unpleasant carcinogenic particles in your throat and mouth. This is sometimes referred to as ‘smoker’s breath’.


    How your routine can help

    Popping a mint may make you feel like you’re “treating” your bad breath, but it only masks odors in the short term. To eliminate bad breath you need to go to the source; the bacteria which live in your mouth, especially in the tonsils, tongue, and on the teeth. A complete oral hygiene routine is the only way to curb the smelly bacteria. This means brushing your teeth, cleaning your tongue, rinsing your mouth, and flossing.

    Beat bad breath

    Everyone gets bad breath from time to time. Whether it’s morning breath or a more persistent problem it’s an embarrassing affliction, and is not very pleasant for those around you. A complete oral hygiene routine is your best weapon against bad breath.

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